About Us


Señorita Record was born in Spain in the middle of the pandemic being the first electronic music label in Tarragona.

To date, Señorita Records has released two musical slopes: on the one hand, a more Dance-House, called “Señorita Records White Edition” and another more Club-Electronic called “Señorita Records Black Edition”, both will not leave the listener indifferent. 


We offer services to artists, developing an international digital distribution technology, this being a platform that allows independent artists to create, distribute, exchange and access works and related data

At the same time, Señorita Records will provide a great opportunity for independent artists looking for this drive to launch their successful career. We will wait for you!



DJego Silber


With more than 20 years of experience in music industry, in 2021 he decides to create his own label to produce and foster his true passion, electronic music.


Marketing manager

Graduate in Marketing and Advertising.

She defines herself as a content marketing and content creator, but is able to give support in any sector thanks to her adaptability and desire to acquire new knowledge.


Mision and vision

At Señorita Records we are passionate about music and we want to offer opportunities for new artists so that they can develop their artistic careers. Because music accompanies us, unites us, gives us life, excites us and entertains us.

The main mission of Señorita Records is to encourage as much training as possible for artists who need our support through themes, performances and singles from both musical sides.



We are a record label and our mission is for very diverse artists to find the support, they need to develop their talent and go even further with enriching, creative and unique themes.

Señorita Records hopes to position as a leading company and a reference in the music industry, through innovative themes that satisfy the desires and needs of consumers



Competitive advantage electro and pop-dance: Our main values are based on transparency and above all, on electro lifestyle.

  • Passion and respect for music: We enjoy our work and get excited about each new project.
  • Honest: We are consistent in what we think, feel, do and say.
  • Transparency: We provide truthful and contrastable information on our topics with transparent sales and royalty data.
  • Excellence: We seek perfection by giving the best of ourselves.
  • Innovation: Permanent spirit to constantly evolve, make and offer new topics.
  • Quality: Satisfy customer expectations and desires so that it covers all their needs and adds value to the service offered.

  • Commitment: We make your goals our own and we achieved it.
  • Trust: Firm hope that customers place in us for the items offered.
  • Professionalism: We have the knowledge and experience of professional experts in the music industry, and we adapt to the changing reality of each situation with constant teamwork.
  • Independence: Miss Records does not depend on any social, economic, religious and political club.
  • Proximity: We speak your language! We have the experience to understand what an artist may need.


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