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Released song DJego Silber – ELECTRO SHOCKED
April 29, 2021

In April, ELECTRO SHOCKED, DJego Silber’s first single, was released. The song kicked off Señorita Records and is included in their club side, Señorita Records Black Edition.

ELECTRO SHOCKED was the single that motivated DJego Silber to catapult his musical career with the creation of the record label, and it was first conceived when the world was confined. In contrast to the health emergency situation in which it was composed, ELECTRO SHOCKED wants you to live your moments with total vitality and to go out to enjoy every moment, recovering the time lost in confinement.

ELECTRO SHOCKED seeks to unite the past with the present to offer a theme for all audiences.

The song is now available on all digital music platforms to be downloaded, as well as its video on YouTube.

Have you already heard it?

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