It’s summer time, so DJego Silber is making house music. This time innovating with THOUSEND MILES. More than five minutes of animation that will lift any party and make your summer a time to remember. The twelfth track of our producer and CEO, DJego Silber that will become the eighth song of the “Señorita Records White Edition”.

DJego Silber – Thousand Miles

The new song aims to be our summer track. The hit of hits now for the big house lovers.

DJego Silber – Thousand Miles

THOUSAND MILES sounds summery and will make the sun vibrate to the rhythm of joyful beats that will accompany us in the most unforgettable parties of the summer.

DJego Silber – Thousand Miles

Also available on iTunes, Beatport, Bandcamp, Deezer and Amazon Music.

We hope you enjoy it!

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